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 Ninja Template

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PostSubject: Ninja Template   Ninja Template EmptyFri Feb 18, 2011 8:08 pm

Ninja Application
P h y s i c a l

Name: (Insert your character’s full name here)
Alias/Nickname(s): (Your character’s nickname goes here.)
Height: (Insert your character’s height)
Weight: (Insert in KG or lbs.)
Age: (Insert character’s years here)
Gender: (Insert your gender; may not be transgendered.)
Body type/Condition: (Insert your body type. EX: Lithe, Muscular, Slender, Petite, etc, etc)
Physical Abilities/ Limitations: (If you by some godly sense have super strength, you must have a lot of limitations, Such as your character being a dumbass)
Physical Ailments: (If your character was born with a birth defect or they are gravely ill due to old age and cake; insert it here. EX: You being nine hundred and ninety nine…you must be dead.)
Physical Imperfections: (If your character is deathly ugly, or smells like shit, put it here)
Appearance: (What your character generally looks like; cannot use same character picture as someone else)
Clothing Style: (What you wear and how you wear it. You may insert a picture but we expect at least a paragraph of what you actually wear.)
Eye Colour: (What your eyes look like)
Hair colour: (What your hair colour, guuuurrrl.)

M e n t a l
Natural Alignment: (Whether you be good or evil; you are still a dumbass)
Outer goal: (What your character reveals to others)
Inner Goal: (What objective your character keeps secret)
Super Objective: (TO BE HOKAGE! BELIEVE IT!!!  aka what you exist for. )
Likes: (What your character prefers)
Dislikes: (What you hate or loath)
Sexual Orientation: (What your character likes in the same or opposite sex)
Attitudes Toward: (How does he/she feel and think about the things listed below? What value does he/she give them?)
- Self:
- Others:
- Friendship:
- Admirable Traits:
- Negative Traits:

Y O U R N I N J A W A Y!
Ninja Rank: (To gain this you must first go through a series of trails that require you beating the nine tailed fox in a hand to hand combat fight)
Ninja Weapon: (What your ninja uses to hit the nine tailed fox once in your fight. ONE WEAPON!!!! ONE!!!!!!!!! UNO!!!!!! EX: Sword, Specialized Kunai SUBEX: Kakashi; Scythe, Weapon Scroll, simple hand to hand, cake.)
Ninja Tools: (What 4!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ninja tools you use.)
Specialty: (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Medical Ninjutsu. Main type and sub type. Main type at Genin; Extra type at Jounin.)
Summoning Scroll: (What type of animal you use: Can only be obtained from Jonin+)
Kekkei Genkai: (What KG you have.)
Chakra Alignment: (Can be obtained from chunin +: Chunin: 1; Jounin: 2)
Regular Jutsu: (Up to 20 common jutsu allowed. No one is allowed to know every single jutsu alive.)
Custom Jutsu: (Obtainable at Jonin+ May know 10 and must be approved before placing them onto your template.)
Village: (What village you come from)

H i s t o r y
(Your character’s history. We do not support Sasuke or naruto as your parents or incest with sakura at some point during the time or with tsunade. No less than two paragraphs and not three sentence paragraphs to try and get away with it. Unless they are really long sentences that make sense.)

Template written by our dear Hanshou.


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Ninja Template
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