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 Frequently Asked Questions

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We wanted to create a Naruto world of our own, where we could break away from that of the main storyline and be free to do whatever that we wanted to do, letting our imaginations roam freely.

Why a anime based RP?

Celes wanted to do something different with the time that we spend with one another and so he brought up the idea of a Naruto based forum. I listened...and now here we are.

Ninja only RPing? Why cant I be a Vampire or some other mythical creature?

Yes this is a Ninja only RP and in the ninja world, were our story is set, Vampires and other such magical creatures just don't exist. No dragons, unicorns, Lycanthorps and the like.

There are an awful lot of rules...

Yes, we know that and yes you have to read each and every one of them. They are there to ensure the smooth running of the board for both the Admin group and you the members. We do intend to enforce each and every rule listed there and if caught not following them... lets not get into that.

Word limit? Why is that?

Well as explained by THE RULES we are considered an Intermediate/Advanced Literate board and we require you post no less than 350 words per post. Keep in mind that we have word counters and we will use them as we see fit.

If there are any more questions or things you do not understand feel free to ask in the C-box or ask a staff member directly.


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Frequently Asked Questions
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