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 Nidari Sabaku [W.I.P]

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PostSubject: Nidari Sabaku [W.I.P]   Nidari Sabaku [W.I.P] EmptyTue May 10, 2011 4:44 am

Ninja Application
P h y s i c a l

Name: Nidari Sabaku
Alias/Nickname(s): Silver
Height: 181cm
Weight: 67.5kg
Age: Twenty-One
Gender: Male
Body type/Condition: Toned Athletic
Physical Abilities/ Limitations: Physical Immunity - Physically Nidari can tolerate an overly extensive amount of physical attacks, however the draw back is that internally his major arteries and organs are below the needed level to use an extensive amount of chakra for long periods of time. The higher the chakra power, the worse the internal strain.
Physical Ailments: Nidari was blind from birth and remains that way. Rumor has it that there is treatment that can cure this, however no such individual has been located that could preform the needed operation as in to help him see the world as others do.
Physical Imperfections: Although he's come to live with the blindness and learn to make it an advantage instead of a disadvantage, Nidari would still like to one day see the outside world that he lives in instead of complete darkness.
Voice: Baritone
Nidari Sabaku [W.I.P] K36TX
Clothing Style: Constructing
Eye Colour: Sandy Silver
Hair colour: The Darkest shade of Black and can occasionally have silver highlights.

M e n t a l
Natural Alignment: Lawful Evil
Outer goal: Maintain Balance
Inner Goal: Kill Hokage
Super Objective: Kill The Leaf Feudal Lord.
Likes: Puzzles, Reading, Challenges, SEX, Inflicting Pain, Testing others, Training.
Dislikes: Doing Nothing, Being followed
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Attitudes Toward:
- Self: "There's always a better way."
- Others: "Some are Puppets and others are Family."
- Friendship: "Usually such a bond is only a weakness.
- Admirable Traits: Determination|Quick Thinker|Great Analyzer|
- Negative Traits: Cunning|Deceptive|Violent|

Y O U R N I N J A W A Y! 
Ninja Rank: KAZEKAGE
Ninja Weapon: Nidari uses a unique staff set. First his main and primary weapons happen to be that of a pair of Night Staffs if you will. They are called staffs because the two can be put together to form a perfect staff. These hand held weapons allow him to transmit his chakra through them allowing for a much more powerful swing as well as that of allowing them to feel weightless to him so it's a bit faster. Once the chakra becomes fused with it the tips of it grow out about another two feet and ending up with needle points. Almost the same as the tip of a sword but only thinner. His secondary weapon is that of a staff made of the same metallic texture but it's just long, about five feet to be exact. The ends of this are dull.
Ninja Tools: Scrolls|Radio|Demon Wind Shuriken|Iron Knuckles
Specialty: Main: Ninjutsu | Sub: Taijutsu
Summoning Scroll: Wolf
Kekkei Genkai: Sand Control | Shikotsumyaku (Dormant)
Chakra Alignment: Earth | Lightning
Village: Sunagakure

H i s t o r y
For many years there was a rumor floating from one nation to the another that there was an heir to the Sabaku family that was being hidden from the rest of the ninja world. Even though it was just a rumor there were many that did not like this family and would see to it that their entire existence was annihilated. For years all the heirs were hid from generation to generation to the point to where most of their bloodline abilities were forgotten. It was as if the memory of what they were capable of was being erased from history.

Now a new generation was come and there again was an infant male child born; however, to keep the child from any harm his last name as well as that of his mother was changed. Even though his father remained a Sabaku, he was still able to see his wife and child but he had to do so in secrecy and during the night. Once the child was of age he began his training for the Chunin Exams. His father taught him personally and he picked up on things quickly. Even though he was blind, Nidari had an extra since that allowed him to detect things better then what most could see. Being that his father was part of the Special Anbu Forces his teachings methods were extremely different from the normal. In fact it would have killed anyone else.

All seemed rigint in the village until one night someone attempted an invasion. They were successful and all the Anbu were called to protect the Kazekage at the time. Little did anyone know but this was one of the first acts that was to announce the Akatsukis return. Unlike the first Akatsukis attack on the Suna, an infantry squad was sent. It was a squad made up of seventy Elite Ninjas who were all very gifted marksmen. However none were from the Suna village so that was or should have been a handicap to them but it wasn't. The Suna had exceptional ninja but this seemed to be of no use because all of the Jounin seemed to be dropping like flies and even some of the S-Rank Ninja were falling.

Nidari's father was an Anbu Elite Captain and he knew that it was up to him to make sure nothing happened to the Kazekage. For this generation the Kazekage was a female puppet master. She had already engaged the enemy directly. In fact she had intercepted them before they could do maximum damage to the village or the villagers. A great deal of the enemy were water users and seemed to know exactly were and how to strike when he came to her. The Kazekage was at her limits and outnumbered by ten. It was then that Nidari's father and his five men cell uni came to her aid. It seemed that they'd gotten the blunt end of the invaders for they seemed to know all of their weaknesses. It wasn't until after a drawn out fight that his father alone pulled back to the Kazekage to find his whole unit done away with. There was still three enemies left and he was just about out of chakra.

The Kazekage stepped in front of him and took a defensive stance. He'd brought her enough time to regain stamina as well as that of a bit of her chakra. She fought the last three alone and killed them. When she turned to check on Nidari's father there was a surprise attack that only he saw and lunged to her rescue. He couldn't do anything but take the full force of the blade that was sent through his heart killing him slowly and painfully even though he didn't show it.

The Kazekage lost it. She had lost all of her best and she was furious over it. After killing the attacker she went around the village killing all that opposed them. The next morning she explained to those that were not there as to what had taken place the prior night and she also notified the families that lost someone of the situation and ordered them to keep quiet about it. When she came to Nidari and his mother they were awaiting atop the gates for what seemed as if they already expected. As she approached she saw that Nidari was looking in the direction of where their invaders seemed to have come from. She didn't know it at the moment but he could feel that there was some sort of disturbance in the air. He could smell blood and he could just about hear everything that was close and far alike. He didn't decide to listen to anything in particular but the things that kept being registered were "invaded" and "massive body count." He'd been around the Kazekage before so he knew her scent. She usually smelled of a sweet scented flower that was only found in their village in a garden behind the residence of the Kazekage. He sighed as she approached and held out his hand for his mother to take it, in which she did. He looked down and listened as the two spoke. His heart was saddened and filled with rage when he'd heard that his father was no longer with them. His mother tried her best to compose herself, for she was a fellow S-Rank Ninja herself. She hadn't gone to the battle field for she was ordered not to by her husband and the Kazekage was grateful that she didn't.

Another year or so passed by and the time of the Chunin Exams had come upon them. Nidari had studied now with the Kazekage and his mother alike as well as that of his own personal self training. He'd established the mind set that the would was full of dark and bad people and that they should be punished for their actions. It wasn't until the start of the exam that one of his fellow team mates told him that he himself was starting to turn into one of the monsters that he very well hated. He resented her for such a thing only because he didn't want to believe it even though he knew she was right. She'd never been wrong before nor did he want her to be, so he had no choice but to believe her and take it. His team had passed each and every round of the chunin exams but then when it got down down the scroll test things truly began to get interesting. He'd already sized up the competition but there was still the fact that he didn't know who had what nor what they were capable of. As he lowered his head there was a dark chuckle that errupted from his lips and his team mates worried over for the simple fact that it was the only thing that they had heard from him for the entire time of exam, and it sounded not only dark but evil as well.

As soon as they were in he immediately made off causing them to have to try to keep up with him or at least try. The first pair that he'd come across was a group of sound ninja who were reviewing the map of the area. They figured that they should go to the exit and wait for someone to show up and take their scroll after being exhausted by the previous battles. They had heard rumors of him but they didn't really take them into consideration for he seemed to be at a disadvantage seeing as how he couldn't see them but they could see him. Smiling among one another they took him and his team lightly and were immediately done away with as if they were not even the smallest of challenges. Instead of waiting to find out what scroll it was that they had he yet again made off, leaving his team to have to trail off after him. They weren't really sure as to how it was themselves that he was about to go around like this not being able to see but he moved as if he knew everything about the land or saw it as they did. It at times scared them because he saw and heard things that they didn't and usually ended up saving them. At times they felt as if they were keeping him from his main goal and were a burden, but he soon changed their minds before the exams because he knew that he couldn't do it all on his own. Especially since he'd been informed by the Kazekage that there was sure to be many members taking part in this exam that were potential Akatsuki catches.

α яєιηcαяηαтє∂ ℓєgєη∂
ƒσяgσттєη ιη мємσяιєѕ
нι∂ιηg вєнιη∂ нιѕ мαѕк
σηℓу тσ σηcє αgαιη
ωαтcн ƒяσм тнє ѕнα∂σωѕ
αη∂ тяу тσ ѕανє уσυ
ƒяσм уσυяѕєℓƒ
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Nidari Sabaku [W.I.P]
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