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 Tenshi no Sakebi: Plot

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Tenshi no Sakebi: Plot Naruto_Sasuke_Garra
The Beginning of a New Era

During what seemed to be the darkest most feared era in all the Ninja world’s history, there was once three legendary Nin. The first was that of none other than Madara Uchiha himself. Madara had grown into a monster that not only sought absolute power, but as well as to gain such a power at all costs. The first of the other two Nin was that of Sasuke Uchiha. At first, Sasuke strived to be better than his former and late brother Itachi Uchiha. A bond had arisen between the two like none other. Of course the bond wasn't entirely that of what a typical bond between older and younger brother would be, but it was a bond that pushed Sasuke to the point where he sought out power himself as to avenge his entire clan. This journey pushed Sasuke so far to where he even teamed up with Madara in hopes of achieving such power. Eventually, he did. The last of the Legendary Nin is that of Naruto Uzumaki. From birth, Naruto was hated by all inside as well as that of outside of the village. It took him just about his entire childhood as well as that of his teenage years to get the village to see him for a ninja rather than a monster. Naruto's ninja way lead him to give chase to Sasuke in attempt to ease his soul and bring back his former team member, and along this journey he grew to become exceptionally strong.

Three powerful individuals with such diverse goals and different determinations as well as that of influences all were involved in the same and final battle of their time. Well, the final battle that would have this much at stake. Madara had finally gotten his wish granted for getting all of the tailed beasts together and retrieving the final bijuu from the moon. Not so long before this final after match, Naruto and Sasuke agreed that they were no longer friends nor teammates and that the next time that they meet on the battle field, one of them would die if not both of them. It took a tragic even such as Madara’s quest to pull them together one final time. Madara had founded the Akatsuki for this purpose alone and now that he'd gotten what it was that he wanted, he wasn't going to give it up so easily. At first Naruto and Sasuke appeared to be no match for Madara alone. However when they joined forces, they were able to at least stand toe to toe with him.

It was a long hard fought battle, but in the end it was Naruto and Sasuke whom prevailed over the evil Madara Uchiha. The two heroes were not just heroes of the Leaf Village alone, but for all villages as well as that of the world. Being that this was by far their greatest adversary they barely made it out with their lives. They both seemed to have had to pull out more than one trump card and a few abilities that even they themselves didn't know they were capable of.

After defeating Madara, it seemed that the tailed beasts all returned into their stone pillars deep inside the mountain in which had been dug just for the purpose of temporarily housing them. Mystery as to why they were even in existent begun to be questioned everywhere, but the allied nations decided that it was best that the beasts stay within their pillars. Well that is at least for the time being.

Naruto had a soft heart still where as Sauske had a fixed mind set and a cold heart. He'd only helped to subdue Madara as to ensure that no one else was able to gain such powers that he had. He was finally the last of the Uchiha Clan, which was how he wanted it since thats how it would have been had he been assassinated by his elder brother. Naruto attempted one last time to get his former team member to return the the Hidden Leaf. As expected Sasuke refused saying not a single word. When he did speak before he vanished, he spoke to Naruto ensuring him that when the day came, he'd be the one to destroy the Leaf.

The story of the three legendary Nins together ends here. Madara was dead and Sasuke had decided to pursue his goal of destroying the Leaf. It was sad that his wish would never come to fruition, but he would in turn marry off elsewhere and resurrect the Uchiha clan. This in fact did happen centuries later where the story now takes place. Naruto eventually became Hokage and lead the Leaf into what was the longest period of peace. Not just for the Hidden Leaf but for all nations. Naruto himself grew old in age and it was his time to pass on into the next world. He knew that if only one of the tailed beasts were free and still living inside a host that all the other villages would be enraged. So upon his death bed, he'd sealed the kyuubi inside the last and final pillar deep inside the mountain.

Almost for a thousand years, peace reigned and it appeared as if the worst was over with Madara’s death, but that was not so. The age of the bloody mist has once again returned. Nations were warring over territories and how the bijuu should be contained. And it wasn't long after that, that the Akatsuki were once more revived. Their purpose was currently unknown as well as to whom all was in it and whom was heading it. One thing was for sure though, and it was that the current argument was for the control of the tailed beasts. Some nations wanted them to be placed back into their hosts while others thought it best to keep them within their stone seals. Now a new war wages on. What will come of this national rivalry and will the ten tailed beast once again be resurrected?

This..... is where our story...... Begins.

α яєιηcαяηαтє∂ ℓєgєη∂
ƒσяgσттєη ιη мємσяιєѕ
нι∂ιηg вєнιη∂ нιѕ мαѕк
σηℓу тσ σηcє αgαιη
ωαтcн ƒяσм тнє ѕнα∂σωѕ
αη∂ тяу тσ ѕανє уσυ
ƒяσм уσυяѕєℓƒ
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Tenshi no Sakebi: Plot
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