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 The rules of the forum.

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The rules of the forum. Empty
PostSubject: The rules of the forum.   The rules of the forum. EmptySun Jan 30, 2011 11:27 pm

Yes yes...I understand. No one likes them. However, they are necessary for the smooth running of a board. No secret phrases. The honor system is much nicer, right? Don't make me regret this...pretty please?


1. Respect. Number one rule, and the most important. Respect for your fellow player, your staff. This includes being a royal pain in the ass. If the staff gets a lot of PMs, or IMs about you ticking them off, that's a warning.

2. Please read the background information before you ask questions. It is really annoying when a person asks a question that they should have read. Guests for the most part can be excused. But if you are a member, and you ask a silly question, that means you didn't take the time to read out the background information that was painstakingly planned out, and posted for you. And that isn't nice. At all.

3. Do not insult the admins, do not insult other members of this board. Goes right up there with respect. That is the one thing that I can not stand. I will not hesitate to ban you if you cross the line, and I can assure you that for the most part, you should know where that line is. This is pretendy fun times, everyone. No one should have to worry about getting their feelings hurt.


1. Register with your character's first names. No duplicates of characters.

2. Within a week of your character being accepted, please have some kind of visual of your character. An avatar, or sig would be great. That said, avatars can be 200x200 or less, and sigs need to be between less then 500 pixels in width. Preferably less than 300 pixels in height.

3. Bios will be checked over carefully, and all areas must be filled out. This includes sample posts. Both admins needs to approve your bio. Please make sure to check your bio in a timely manner. Also, please, do not bug the admin about checking your bios. If a admin member is on, one statement should be made about a bio being finished in the c-box. We will get to it, promise. We want to play with you as much as you want to play, I promise!

4. Character limits. There is a limit of two characters per player and yes, you will have to make another account for your other character. If you want to apply for a third, please talk to an admin. We will give you permission to apply for a third character depending on your activity with your previous three characters. So...Be active!


1. Post length should be at least 350 words. I don't want to use labels, so I'm not going too. But...I've been around the RPing world for a while now. 350 words is not a lot. If you are having trouble reaching that, make sure you have included a bit of dialogue, your character's thoughts, actions, reactions to the other person in the thread with them. That said, don't be a purple proser. Think about your posts carefully. Do people really need a paragraph to be able to tell that your character has blue eyes?

2. At least two IC posts a week to be considered active. If two weeks pass, and there is no absence notice, then you will be put on a warning list. Two weeks after that, your character will be taken and put up for adoption.

3. Grammar is good. Grammar is your friend. Spell Check is like...your best friend. There is nothing more annoying or painful to read then a error-ridden post. No text speech. If you aren't good with grammar and spelling, and you know this, do us all a favor and type up your posts in a word processor aka Microsoft Word before posting them up.


this list was created by creamyqueen of rpgd. Edited by empress of rpgd.


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The rules of the forum.
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