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 The Ninja Code

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PostSubject: The Ninja Code   The Ninja Code EmptyMon Jan 31, 2011 12:58 am

As a staff member, I agree to:

~Understand that my attendance is very important.
Should I be absent for an extended period of time
without any kind of explanation BEFORE hand, it
could result in instant termination.

~Be fully responsible for the activities and responsibilities
that I agree to handle. I know that it is my responsibility,
and my responsibility alone, to make sure they
are attended to. Should I be unable to complete
one of my responsibilities, I need to let someone know
so that preparations to cover it can be made.
Be active. I understand that as a staff member, I am
expected to make an appearance as much as I can. Because

~I understand that members associate the activity of staff
members with how much they care about the forum.
If a member feels that a staff member does not care, they
will be less willing to care themselves.
Reply to posts. Especially in the general chat forum,
I know that members post topics because they want
replies and discussion. It is my duty to reply as much
as I can, and to occasionally start new topics myself to
promote activity.

~Roleplay with other members. I know that I have a
circle of friends I like to RP with, but it's important that
I show interest in new members.
Attempt to participate in the activities. I know I have
a busy life, but it shows that I care if I at least try to
participate in something that is such an important part
of the forum's existence.

~Be attentive, friendly, and have a really great attitude.
Cause I understand that there are plenty of RP forums
but we really make the difference.

~Have confidence in myself. When I get up in the
morning, I look in the mirror and I know that there is
a great person looking back at me. And I want to help
others see the best in themselves as well.

~Have fun! I know that if I'm not having fun, it shows!
And if I find myself not having fun, then I know I
need to talk about it with the admin or other staff
members. I know that everyone really cares about
me and think I'm an important part of this forum and
my happiness is a top priority.

~Anytime I have a beef with the way something
is done, I know I need to discuss it and it is encouraged
to discuss it.

~Anytime I have a great idea, no matter how little,
I know it is encouraged to post about it.
Know that being a staff member does not make
me special when it comes to following the rules. I
am simply a full-time member with a few extra responsibilities.
I agree to not let my title go to my head and never
abuse whatever power I have.

~Once you've read this agreement, please reply
that you have read and agreed. If you do not agree,
whether with the entire document or a one line, please
reply anyway but state that you do not agree. We
will talk it over with you and see what we can come up with.


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The Ninja Code
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